Jones Ford Casa Grande - A head to head comparison of a 2016 Ford Fiesta to a 2015 Nissan Versa Sedan in Ergonomics near Casa Grande, AZ.

  • Jones Ford Casa Grande Journal
  • Mar 19th 2017 - 427 days ago
  • Casa Grande, AZ
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Compared To Nissan Versa Sedan 2015

The Fiesta Automatic offers a remote vehicle starting system, so the vehicle can be started from inside the driver\'s house. This allows the driver to comfortably warm up the engine before going out to the vehicle. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer a remote starting system.

To help each driver find a more comfortable driving position, the Fiesta has a telescoping steering wheel. Much better than just a tilt steering wheel or adjustable seat, this allows a short driver to sit further from the steering wheel while maintaining contact with the pedals. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer a telescoping steering wheel.

The power windows standard on both the Fiesta and the Versa Sedan have locks to prevent small children from operating them. When the lock on the Fiesta is engaged the driver can still operate all of the windows, for instance to close one opened by a child. The Versa Sedan prevents the driver from operating the other windows just as it does the other passengers.

The Fiesta SE/Titanium’s available driver’s power window opens or closes with one touch of the window control, making it more convenient at drive-up windows and toll booths. The Versa Sedan SV/SL’s power windows’ switch has to be held the entire time to close it fully.

The Fiesta’s standard power locks allow the driver or passenger to lock or unlock all the doors at a touch without leaning over, or reaching to the back seat. Power locks are only available on the Versa Sedan SV/SL.

In case you lock your keys in your vehicle, or don’t have them with you, you can let yourself in using the Fiesta’s available exterior PIN entry system. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer an exterior PIN entry system.

The Fiesta’s variable intermittent wipers have an adjustable delay to allow the driver to choose a setting that best clears the windshield during light rain or mist. The Versa Sedan S/S Plus/SV’s standard fixed intermittent wipers only have one fixed delay setting, so the driver will have to manually switch them between slow and intermittent.

The Fiesta SE/Titanium has a standard automatic headlight on/off feature. When the ignition is on, the headlights automatically turn on at dusk and off after dawn. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer automatic headlights.

The Fiesta has standard power remote mirrors. The Versa Sedan S/S Plus doesn’t offer either a remote driver side or passenger side mirror. The driver will have to roll down the windows and reach across the car to adjust the mirrors.

The Fiesta’s available outside mirrors include heating elements to clear off the mirrors for better visibility. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer heated side mirrors.

The Fiesta’s power mirror controls are mounted on the door for easy access. The Versa Sedan SV/SL’s power mirror controls are on the dash, hidden behind the steering wheel, where they are awkward to manipulate.

The Fiesta (except S) offers optional heated front seats, which keep the driver and front passenger extremely comfortable in the winter. Heated seats aren’t available in the Versa Sedan.

The Fiesta (except S)’s optional automatic temperature control maintains the temperature you set, automatically controlling fan speed, vents and temperature to maintain a consistent, comfortable environment. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer automatic air conditioning.

For greater rear passenger comfort, the Fiesta has standard rear heat vents to keep rear occupants more comfortable. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer rear vents.

A built-in pollen filter removes pollen, exhaust fumes and other pollutants from the Fiesta’s passenger compartment. This helps prevent lung and/or sinus irritation, which can trigger allergies or asthma. The Versa Sedan doesn’t offer a filtration system.