Jones Ford Casa Grande - A head to head comparison of a 2016 Ford Transit Wagon to a 2015 Nissan NV Passenger in Engine Performance Near Casa Grande, AZ.

  • Jones Ford Casa Grande Journal
  • Feb 19th 2017 - 338 days ago
  • Casa Grande, AZ
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Compared To Nissan NV Passenger 2015

The Transit Wagon’s standard 3.7 DOHC V6 produces 14 more horsepower (275 vs. 261) than the NV Passenger’s standard 4.0 DOHC V6. The Transit Wagon’s optional 3.5 turbo V6 produces 15 lbs.-ft. more torque (400 vs. 385) than the NV Passenger’s optional 5.6 DOHC V8.

The Transit Wagon’s 3.2 turbo diesel produces 69 lbs.-ft. more torque (350 vs. 281) than the NV Passenger’s standard 4.0 DOHC V6.

As tested in Motor Trend the Ford Transit Wagon twin turbo V6 is faster than the Nissan NV Passenger V8:

Transit Wagon

NV Passenger

Zero to 60 MPH

7.6 sec

9.4 sec

Quarter Mile

15.9 sec

17.1 sec

Speed in 1/4 Mile

86.5 MPH

82.9 MPH