See how a 2016 Ford Taurus sizes up to a 2016 Lincoln MKZ in Passenger Space.

  • Jones Ford Buckeye Journal
  • Jul 22nd 2017 - 295 days ago
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Compared To Lincoln MKZ 2016

Because it has more passenger and cargo room, the Taurus is rated a Large car by the EPA, while the MKZ is rated a Mid-size.

The Taurus has 5.7 cubic feet more passenger volume than the MKZ (102.2 vs. 96.5).

The Taurus has 1.1 inches more front headroom, 1.2 inches more front hip room, .2 inches more front shoulder room, 1.2 inches more rear headroom, 1.1 inches more rear legroom, 2 inches more rear hip room and 1.6 inches more rear shoulder room than the MKZ.