See how a 2017 Ford Escape sizes up to a 2017 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid in Passenger Space Near Casa Grande, AZ.

  • Jones Ford Casa Grande Journal
  • May 28th 2017 - 240 days ago
  • Casa Grande, AZ
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Compared To Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 2017

The Escape has .1 inches more front headroom, .5 inches more front legroom, .2 inches more front hip room, .1 inches more rear headroom, .1 inches more rear legroom and 3.5 inches more rear hip room than the Rav4 Hybrid.

The front step up height for the Escape is 1.7 inches lower than the Rav4 Hybrid (16.8” vs. 18.5”). The Escape’s rear step up height is .3 inches lower than the Rav4 Hybrid’s (17.5” vs. 17.8”).